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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: June 18, 2003   
Album: Greatest Hits
Written by:
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                      ONE FOR THE MONEY    T.G. Sheppard

Bb Eb Bb Eb
basic idea for intro notes (listen to recording for timing and bends)

"Oooooooo   ooooo    ooooo"

Eb                                                Bb
He said, I'm sorry I have to cancel the plans we made
             Eb                            Bb 
I've got a weekend business trip out to L. A.
      Cm                Eb                                 Bb  
She drives him to the airport Watches till he boards the plane
            F                           F   
Then she hurries to a phone booth And across town the telephone rings

She's got

chorus diddie
Bb        Eb

Eb            Bb  diddie  Eb          Bb     diddie
One for the money        Two for the show
Eb                    Bb               F             
One to pays for the credit cards  and two to rock and roll
Eb               Bb         diddie  Eb                       Bb     diddie
One gave her a wedding ring        and the new car that she drives
     Eb                  Bb                     F                Bb
But two gives her the feelings she needs that one's money can't buy

ENDING: And she's got  repeat chorus to fade

       Eb                                        Bb 
She arrives at the honky tonk just a little bit late
             Eb                                                Bb   
Parks her mercedes round back cause her name's on the license plate
     Cm          Eb                                    Bb  
She steps into another life  As she walks through the door
          F                           F
And she melts into his arms As they dance out across the floor and she's got

to chorus, lead     Oooooo ooooo ooo
  Eb                                  Bb
Another lover's wild weekend Ends to soon
               Eb                               Bb
And when they open up the blinds it's Sunday afternoon
      Cm             Eb                                   Bb 
She wishes it could last forever And he's begging her to stay
But she's got to pull herself to gether 
Cause there's a plane coming in from L.A.

to chorus using ending