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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: March 31, 2003
Written by:
Note:  n.c. means play no chord.

    ONE LAST TIME    Dusty Drake

           E                            E7
When she picked up the telephone  His voice came on the line
      E                               A                   B 
She said This can't be happening and tears fell from her eyes
          E                      E7         
She said what am I suppose to do I can't handle losing you
        E                               A  B7    B    E  
He said I just had to call to say good-bye One last time
         E                                           E7
He Said there are some things in this life that are out of our control
      E                            A                 B
Like who we fall in love with and when it's time to go
          E                          E7    
She said what about the plans we had He said this connection's getting bad
 E                                 A   B7    B    E 
Now come on baby let me hear you smile One last time
       A                               E
She started to apologize for all the things that she'd done wrong 
              A                          B7
She said I would've loved you better if only I'd known
     A                                         E  
He said that you were the perfect wife Promise me you go on with your life
She said The boys won't understand He said tell 'em daddy loves 'em and
     E             B7   
Be strong-ong-ong-oh

A      E                     E7   
  He said hon I've gotta go She said don't you dare hang up
  E                                  A              B 
There's so many things I need to say I love you so much
    E                                  E7
It was almost like she felt him leave She cried out can you still hear me?

n.c.                                                A
She fell down on the kitchen floor and the signal died
        E                               A  B7   B                  E
As the pilot tried to pull out of the dive One last.............