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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: September 9, 2003   
Album:  Soundtrack - Tender Mercies
Written by:  Austin Roberts and Bobby Hart
Note: tabbed from a TAPE recording from the movie and not the soundtrack
n.c. means play no chord   (F#m) means optional not on recording

     OVER YOU      Betty Buckley (Song from the 1983 Tender Mercies movie)

E B  E B
E              B             A        Am 
 Any fool can see that love is blind
E               B                 A Am                   B   A B
 Here I am to prove it one more time   Forget about my pride
E                  B                A     Am
 I didn't mean to catch you by sur-prise
E                   B             A  Am   
 I hope that isn't pity in your eyes
Am                       E       F#m               B    
I tried so hard to stay away And keep you off my mind
C                    B              A                    F#m 
I know I should but it's no good  Cause time goes by and I'm not 

      E   B         A         B            E     B    
Over you    I'll gladly be a fool in love again
     A                    B     
If there's a chance that you might see me
C#m n.c.
   Touch me, want me, ever need me
(F#m)n.c.                             E  B  
    Cause I'm still goin' crazy Over you
    A                       E     B  
And oh I'll never get over you

E                  B              A  Am
One more cup of coffee then I'll go
E                              B                 A
But there's one more thing I think you ought to know
    Am                B               A                       B 
The days go by but nothing's changed I'm still here for the taking
  C                 B               A                   F#m      
Just a touch would mean so much To one whose heart is breaking 

to chorus  to ending

      E  B        A           B            E    B  
Over You   I'll gladly be a fool in love again
     A             B           E  
And oh I'll never getting over you