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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: January 10, 2003   
Album: Freedom
Written by: Andy Griggs - Brett Jones
Note: open means to strum the strings without holding a chord

   PRACTICE LIFE    Andy Griggs with Martina McBride

Intro chords: C F C F  
              oh yeah yeah yeah
C                                 C
She said she didn't love him and maybe she never really did
C                                   C  
She could move back to her momma's and they could split time with the kids
F                      G                      F                      G     
She just noticed her first touch of grey She don't want to wait not one more day

(G)            F   open   C  F            F  open C    F
This ain't no prac-tice life     We only get one shot
F                     C       G  F        G               f  
And our love ain't throw away-ay-ay It's all we've got-ot-ot
     Am                   G                        C
And nobody goes around twice Cause this ain't no practice life

C                                     C
There's sixty hours on his time card and it's only Thursday night
C                                    C
His kids are growin' up without him and he's about to lose his wife
       F                            G 
So he puts down the papers and he picks up the phone
           F                  G
And says Son tell your momma I'm a-comin' home

To chorus
F                   G 
So much to do with so little time
       F                         G 
That clock on the wall is gonna rob us all blind

To chorus, chorus, to ending

                F  open  C                     F  open  C
This ain't no prac-tice life Hey it ain't no prac-tice life