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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: January 31, 2003
Written by:

           RAINING ON SUNDAY  Keith Urban

Intro chords:  G#m E G#m E 

G#m                             E  
It ticks just like a timexIt Never lets up on you
B                            F#  
You said life was easy the job was never through
G#m                             E               
It'll run us til we're ragged it'll harden our hearts
B                                       F# 
Love could use a day of rest before we both starts falling apart

                   B                  F#
I pray that it's raining on Sunday stormin like crazy
E                                      E
We'll hide under the covers all after-noon
           B                     F#m
Baby what ever comes Monday will take care of itself cause
E                                B          
we got better things that we can do 
             F#           B      1.)F#m E                                       
When it's raining on Sun-day     2.)F# E "Wo oh oh" to ending

      G#m                  E  
Your love is like religion a cross in mexico
B                                          F#
And Your kiss is like the innocence of a prayer nailed to a door
      G#m                         E
Oh surrender is much sweeter when we both let go 
B                                       F$  
Let the water wash our bodys clean and love our soul

Go to chorus, lead(B F#m E), chorus using 2.)
      E                   B  F# E        E                   B   F# E       
when it's raining on Sun-day       when it's raining on Sun-day "ya=eah-a oooo" 
"ya let it rain"