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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: February 2, 2003   
Album: Tight Tope
Written by:

   TEXAS & NORMA JEAN   Brooks & Dunn

Intro:  D Bm D Bm   D Bm Em A

                 D    Bm                D  Bm
It was a foggy mornin    south of San Jose     
          D            Bm                       Em           G
We were sittin' in a crowded coffee shop with nothin left to say
    D                    Bm                        Em            
My cup grew cold and a teardrop rolled  Down her cheek and I brushed it away
      D             Em               D
I re-member it all just like yester-day

(D)           G               D  
And I see it now I feel it still
        G              A              D
It's a day I can't for-get and never will
               G                          F#m  F
And I hear her voice on the winds of Abi-lene
     Em              G           A                 D    1.) D Bm Em A
She used to call me Texas and I called her Norma Jean   2.)to bridge

               D    Bm                        D   Bm  
Still see her wavin   through the radiator steam
            D              Bm            Em              
She was stranded by the roadside on her way to bigger things
      D                         Bm   
She threw her bags in back said she liked my hat
Em                               D               Em        D       
Her name was Marilyn Justine  I fell into her California dream
To chorus using 2.)
          G                           D
Yeah we took a lotta detours on our winding way out west
     G           A     Bm                D
Liv-in for the moment forgettin all the rest
G                                     D      A     Bm
The life that she had waitin' and the one I left behind
            Em                                                   a 
And now I'm back here tryin' to sort it out One fence post at a time
           D                                       Bm       
In that coffee shop, the road just stopped And we faced reality
           Em                                 D
The place that she was goin' had no place for me

To chorus, to ending
          A               D          
Yeah I called her Norma Jean