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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  August 1, 2004
Written by:

C#m=006654   see how this one is two fret higher but the same form as Bm

     THE LAST THINGS SHE SAID                     Ryan Tyler 

     F#m D E       F#m      D   E
           A                            Bm
When she opened up her eyes  She was blinded by the lights 
  F#m                                            A
Everything was flashing red and blue  She heard Do you know where you are 
          Bm                         F#m 
As they pulled her from her car  She saw the helicopter and she knew 
             Bm                      F#m
It must be really bad  And as they lifted off the ground 
     D               A                 E  
The only thing that she could think a-bout 

         F#m            D             E             A 
Was the last thing she said  To her husband that morning 
         F#m         D          E               A  
And the look on his face  When she slammed the door 
        F#m            D        E       C#m       Bm   
And the way she drove off With-out one ounce of regret 
      D                     E
And knowing I love you  Was not the last thing she said 
1.)play intro, go to 2nd verse
2.)F#m D E to Bridge

      D                         Bm
She tried to stay awake  Long enough to see his face 
 F#m                                                  D
Wishing she could take the whole day back  She kept asking where he is 
    Bm                         F#m
And Am I gonna live While the voices in the room faded fast 
              Bm             F#m 
Before she drifted off They tried to calm her down 
    D         A                E
But on and on all she talked a-bout 

to chorus 
         F#m                   D         
He was waiting in the hall  Staring at the wall 
When he finally saw the doctor walk his way 
    F#m                           D
Oh, he was scared to death Just holding his breath 
 A                                  E         D
Right up until he heard the doctor say She’ll be okay 
And right now she needs some rest 
           E          A               D 
But she wanted me to tell you she’s sorry 
    Bm         E  n.c.                        
And I love you    Was the last thing she said
play intro
ooo oooo oooooo