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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: April 25, 2003   
Written by:
WriTten by:            

       THEN THEY DO   Trace Adkins

Eb=xx3341  Hold this Bb with four fingers and not as a bar chord.
           Pinkie finger should be on the 2nd(or B) string, third fret when you
           are holding a Bb.  This pinkie is moved up one fret and the chord
           now becomes an Eb then slide it back to the 3rd fret, you have Bb

INTRO CHORDS:  Bb Eb Bb Eb play as described above. ;-]

    Eb             Bb              Eb                Bb    
In early rush of morning Trying to get the kids to school
One's hanging on my shirt tails  Another one's locked up in her room
      F                                                          Bb
I'm yelling up the stairs stop worrying about your hair You look fine
               Eb             Bb                 Eb          Bb   
Then they're fighting in the back seat and I'm playing refe-ree
Now some-one's gotta go  The moment that we leave
       F                                                Bb Eb F 
And Everybody's late I swear I can't wait til they grow up

          Eb Bb                   Eb Bb 
Then they do-oo and that's how it is-is 
It's just quiet in the morning 
Can't believe how much you miss
         Eb Bb              Eb Bb 
All they do-oo and all they did-id
          F                                 Eb  F
You want all the dreams they dream to come true
          Eb Bb  1.) F 2.) to tag
Then they do-oo

          Eb                   Bb                Eb            Bb 
Now the youngest is starting college She'll be leaving in the fall
And BreAnna's latest boyfriend called to asked if we could talk
F                                                         Bb   Eb F  
I got the impression   He's about to pop the question any day
        Eb       Bb             Eb               Bb    
I look over at their pictures Sitting in their frames
I see them as babies Guess that'll never change
     F                                                  Bb Eb F
You pray all their lives Some day they will find happi-ness

to chorus

No more Monday P.T.A.s  No car pools or soccer games
     Bb       F    Eb   
Your work is done  Now you got time that's all your own
                            Eb              F
You've been waiting for so long for those days to come
to chorus, to ending

vamp on that Bb Eb for ending.
Awww then they do