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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: March 12, 2003   
Written by:

     THE REAL THING    George Strait

I was on a bus coming back to us From Atlanta in '53
And I picked up a rythmn and blues magazine laying underneath my seat
And I found out the stuff they've been playing us
Wasn't made for drifts and bones
And it would take more than the crew cuts
and Pat Boone to take me home


I want the real thing  Give me the real thing
Make it loud make you proud of the songs they'd sing
I don't want you under my roof with your 86 proof
Watered down til it tastes like tea
You're going to pull my string, make it the real thing for me

I remember old Elvis When he forgot to remember to forget
And when young Johnny Cash hadn't seen this side of Big River yet
And when Sun was more than the daylight shining on Memphis Tennesee
And Lucan and Louis and Perkins were pickin and playing those songs for me
to chorus, lead, chorus, ending


If you're going pull my string make it the real thing for me