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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: March 31, 2003
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              WE RHYME     Kevin Denney

     B                            E         F#            B 
Her name was Madelyn Connors  And I am the man that she picked
                  E                         B 
She watched her daddy's money built their house on the hill
       E                      F# 
And watched me and my daddy laying every brick
     B                                      E         F#        B  
Her dad couldn't see us together  And the truth is neither did mine
                E            F#          B             E            
They couldn't know from the very first time that we kissed
    B            F#        B       
We knew in our hearts we rhyme

             B        F#
We're not poetry in motion like the ocean's blue  waves
              B                            E           B    
We're just flashing flood emotion born in red Georgia clay
    E                     B            E  
1.)Her love is a lick a song with no lines
2.)Our love is a lick a song with no lines
    B            F#        B 
We know in our hearts we rhyme    to lead, 2nd verse, 

    B             F#       G#m       B           F#        B      
We know in our hearts we rhyme  We know in our hearts we rhyme

      B                                 E             F#                B  
The nurse held her up to the window and I traced her face through the glass
              E                       B
She's got my love for sleeping  And Madelyn's nose
          E                       F#
And I'm already thinking she'll grow up too fast
I think of the day that's a-coming
        E                F#              B 
When a boy wants to ?? stay in love  of mine??
          E              F#      B                E
I'm not sure that I'll like but I'll have to let go
      B               F#       B       
When she says to me Daddy we rhyme

to chorus using 2.) to ending