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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: March 12, 2003   
Album: Scarecrow
Written by:

       WHY AIN'T I RUNNING   Garth Brooks
I can hear the highway calling
As I watch the sunrise crawling across her shoulder
This is usually goodbye
                D                                A      D
And yet those words I just can't find 'em as I hold her
           D                                    E   
Wo she's like no other woman That I have ever known before
         D                                    E 
and it ain't me to see the morning sun from this side of the door
to chorus using 1.)

               A    D               F#m   E         
Why ain't I running    why ain't I gone
              A      D                  F#m   E   
How does she hold me    without holding on
1.2.)In a love or a fight she's stronger than strong
  3.)In love       
                  D            F#m             D   
Something's not right if there ain't nothing wrong
               2.3.)when there ain't nothing wrong  
                 D                    E                     A
It's got me wondering  why ain't I running 1.3.)why ain't I gone
                                           2.)to lead, 1/2 3rd verse
D             A                               D
  All those worlds I left behind me praying they would never find me
               A       D 
and wreck my freedom
          A                                D
If they stood right beside me they would never recognize me
               A           D 
for all that she's done
            D                     E
Wo once happiness was only when-ever I was on my own
        D                        E
So now why do I feel lonely any-time that I'm alone

to chorus using 2.)
1/2 HALF 3rd VERSE:
          D                              E  
Wo they never built a wall that high or made a chain that strong
     D                              E        
And God ain't never made a place I felt like I belong

to chorus using 3.), instrumental to end