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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: February 24, 2003   
Album: AKA Lorenzo
Written by: Larry Hosford
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Note" n.c. means play no chord.

  WIMMIN'S GOT ME SWIMMIN        Larry Hosford
Intro chords:  Steel guitar starts out, then guitar chords come in.
 _ _ B7 E

E                               A
Wimmin's got me swimmin in the pool of tears
    B7                                   A        E  
My baby's got me started and she won't shift my gears
      E                                 A  n.c. just drums    
The lights on lover's freeway all say stop
           B7                       E
If I had another beer I'd pop it's top

          E                              A
Well My love's so big it's semi-like a diesel truck
    B7                            E   
But on the road of heartaches I just got stuck
 E                               A
Love's an endless battle and I lost the bout
     B7                              E
She played the game of stud but she dealt me out

To chorus, lead

"Oh burnin' Ernie Hayes"  "Here's Kim"

           E                          A 
Well her momma said her daddy was a union man
           B7                                E 
That she learn to swipe and kick at me from him first hand
      E                                A
She took to haunting honky tonks and sleezy bars
    B7                             E        
A ghost of what she use to be is what she are

To chorus, to ending

      B7                            E 
If I had another beer I'd pop it's top