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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: September 10, 2003   
Tabby Cat Music Archives
Date:  September 29, 1998  
Written by:

       WINGS OF A DOVE   Robert Duvall (from the movie - Tender Mercies)

Robert Duvall as Mac Sledge after his daughter leaves, he sings without
instrumentation the following rendition of Wings Of A Dove.

When Jesus went down to the waters that day
He was baptised in the usual way
When it was done God blessed his son
He sent him his love on the wings of a dove

On the wings of a pure white dove
He sends his pure sweet love
Sign from above On the wings of a dove
On the wings of a dove.

The following is a copy of the same song but with different lyrics that
I think Ferlin Husky recorded.
     WINGS OF A DOVE   Ferlin Husky ???
On the wings of a snow white dove
               F                           C    
God sends his own pure love  A sign from above
G7                  C   F  C 
On the wings of a dove

                       C                   F
1.) When trouble surrounds us When evil comes 
                G                      C   F  C
     The body grows weak the spirit grows numb
                         C                       F 
     When these things besit us  He doesn't for-get us
                          C     G7                  C  F C
     His sends down his love    On the wings of a dove

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                     C                    F
2.) When Noah had drifted on the salty waves
                      G7               C  F  C
     He searched for land in various ways
                  C                        F 
     Troubles he had some but wasn't for-gotten
                       C     G7
     He sent down his love   on the wings of a dove.

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