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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: August 29, 2006
Written by:
Note: p means to pull off   b means bend

         MY KIND OF MUSIC    Ray Scott

INTRO LICK: (played very fast)

A                                         E  
Well I met this girl I swore was close to perfect
I could see the ring, the dress, and the whole 9 yards
I had a country station on and she reached and turned it
         A                    E                A 
Said she couldn’t stand the sound of a steel guitar
A                                   E
We hit the town to catch the early movie
And old Kris Kristofferson played the leading role
I said that’s my man she said who’s he?
     A                E            A
I jumped up and said girl we gotta go
 A                                  E
She don’t like to play my kind of music
She’s never heard a Waylon Jennings song
And She’s never been a fan of Willie Nelson
     E                                      A
So there ain’t no way in hell we’ll get a-long
A                                         E
She told me she thinks country music is hokey
She said you can’t dance to it and all the songs are sad
I caught my eyebrow and said you must be joking
       A               E               A  
Ain’t no excuse for having taste that bad
A                                           E
Then  I asked her if she’d heard of Alan Jackson
And She said didn’t he sing that song called “Where Were You?
I said yeah but girl that man is a living legend
            A         E            A   
She said really? I thought he was new.
A                                   E
She don’t like to play my kind of music
She’s never heard of David Allen Coe
But she can’t get enough of Whitney Houston
       E                                 A 
I’m thinking Lord that is all I need to know

lead "Dan the man"

A                                    E    
So when the night was over I walked her to her door
And I bid that girl an overdue farewell
       A                                     D 
An’ Without a good night kiss I jumped back in my truck
  A                        E                A
Turned on some Hank and cranked it loud as hell
A                                   E
She don’t like to play my kind of music
She don’t know “Sunday Morning Coming Down”
She can’t see what’s so cool about “He Stopped Loving Her Today”
      E                            A
Or angel flying too close to the ground
A                                   E
She told me she sorta likes the “Eagles”
But she couldn’t name one hit by “Johnny Cash”
 A                                        D  
Naw, She don’t like to play my kind of music 
      E                                A 
So I had to tell that girl to Kiss my Ass.