Web graphics that I animated or animations I changed
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Been playing with animating graphics\animations I found on the web. Here's the results.

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First of all, kudos to all the graphic and animation artists that made
the original animations and graphics. Without their postings their great graphics
and animations to the web, this page would not be possible

2004 animation\graphic changed collection

Original Aimation\Graphic 2004 Collection Comments

graphic 9 kb

wisemenframed.gif 33kb
wooo, this little experiment got me a very haunting effect. It's a breath taking view. It's also very lonely view of the three wisemen, all alone at night, in a huge desert, riding their camels with only that star above them for guidance. Kind of how some of us get to jesus, huh?

graphic 8 kb

bubblelights1ani.gif 13kb bubblelights2ani.gif 14kb
I downloaded a graphic of bubblelights about two years ago with the intent on animated it. Now at long last I have bubblelights that are animated. I love bubblelights.

animation 4 kb

candleintree1ani.gif 2kb candleintree2ani.gif 2kb
candleintree3ani.gif 5kb candleintree4ani.gif 2kb
I was looking for a pretty but realistic candle in a tree branch. I adjusted this one for more of what I wanted. I made four of them each with a different moving flame.