This web site is easy to navigate, once you know how.
Aren't most things?

You have three choices: 
(menu buttons down further this page)
You can learn about Fairies in a lovely garden setting 
You can learn about Fairies in a plain area, no frills setting.
You can read wonderful stories written by Peggy Halliday Young.

In both of the setting choices, the only interactive 
area is the large green leafy area to the left side 
of your screen.  It has lady bugs and baby fairies on it 
so you should be able to find it easily.

Let your computer mouse rest a moment over a 
lady bug, baby fairy wrapped in a leaf or
over the fairy eggs to get instructions or 
conversation from 9 "hot spots." in the form
of a dialog box.  There is no actual sound.
But it is a good idea so I will make some sound

Some lady bugs are busy and won't have much to
say, while, others will talk and talk(dialog box only)
Each lady bug has a different thing to tell you
so be sure to rest your computer mouse on all nine
so you see everything this web site offers.
But most of all, have fun !! is a great free place for any web site.
To shut down their banners so you can fully see an
image, just click on their button marked >>

Lovely garden area can take a few minutes to load. Please Be Patience.