Cauldrons are associated with witches but everyone used them back in their hay day. This is a iron cooking pot used by pioneers and other people cooking food. Some claim the cauldron with it's lid is the first oven. With a removable metal rack you place inside, you can bake in it. Just adjust the temperature by moving it in and out of the open fire or heat source. The feet were original intended to keep the pot above the embers and not be in them. Making the setting in the heat and the removing from the heat easier and to try and avoid disturbing the embers much. Many open fireplaces in the home had a swing arm so one could easily move the pot in or out of the heat source. Witches do use the cauldron for ritual practices when they need to burn items like bad habits written on a paper that once thrown in the flame the bad habits are "spelled" to be less or completely gone. Cauldrons, good ones anyway, cost a lot of money today and so it figures that they costed a lot of money in olden times. They are going to take care of expensive pots. Today we have the luxury of keeping our cauldrons just for ritual but back then, the cauldron, which is a cooking pot would also be used for cooking. Many practicing witches of today (and probably back then too) will line the cauldron with an easy to remove protective barrier in the bottom of their cauldrons for easy clean up. Today we use tin foil or parchment paper. Some oils and resins can make it almost impossible to clean the bottoms. Plus the cost of essential oils and resins is high today and it figures that back in the olden times not many witches had them. But I am sure in their herbal bag the olden witches would concoct a very nasty mess in the bottom of their cauldrons and they must of had some way to protect their expensive cooking pot.
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