Whispering Worlds - Great rune website Why Earth Has Seasons Read and find out why we have seasons and it's NOT because of the orbit of the earth around the sun !! Read how the northern hemisphere is closest to the sun during our wintertime. Click and blind yourself with science. More information - Visit the homepage
Sonoma County Pagan Network (California) This is exactly what it claims to be, a pagan network. You may attend meetings held every third friday of the month without becoming a member. You may attend the Sabbats without becoming a member. Membership is 25.00 a year and this is an active, well-structured group. They offer special speakers and demonstrators. If you are a pagan or witch and it's time for you to meet other like-minded people, please attend a scheduled event. Located at 2050 Yulpula, Santa Rosa, California It's in the Luther Burbank Art and Garden building. Visit the web site for more details. ************************************************ A web site with a lot of witch and magic links ************************************************ Magickalpair Realm Interactive BOS - message board with chat room ************************************************ Magick Chalice (Magick School) I just signed up for the free Wicca 101 class with this online school. So far as I know now it looks like a pretty good school that offers a lot in the way of classes. The web site is easy to navigate too. So far I am I liking what I am seeing. They have a liftime membership for 45.00 but they also have yearly and monthly rates too. They offer a lot judging from the courses they list and it looks like they left the fun in as well. ******************************************* Death Clock This is perfect web site to visit when it's near Samhain. If you have time, please read some of the strange email that the web master has posted that people sent me with their one view point of the web site. I love this web site. It's fun. ******************************************* Huge Celtic Deity Informational website If you are looking for information on Celtic Deity or Wiccan Deity add this web site to your searching. ****************************************** Enchanted Rites Group ************************************** The Cottage My mentor at witchschool has this link on her web site called Circle of Friends. I highly recommend you visit this web site if you're into the craft. This web site is under construction but it already offers a lot. (I need to find my mentors web site url before i can post it here.) ***************************************************************** wsKarlarellianWindyDragons I am enrolled in and this is one of the study groups I belong to. Witchschool is a wonderful school for witches and witchcraft. ************************************************ CCORP This is another study group I belong to. ************************************************ Ask Rose Ariadne A wonderful witch and pagan web site. This web site is a lot of fun to explore and very educational. ************************************************ Coven Of Mystic Shadows This online coven has online rituals and fun people. ************************************************ Witches Of The Roundtable Ofelia heads up this California witch group. They call themselves Witches Of The Roundtable because there is no head witch, all members are equal. They are NOT a coven. So if you are looking for the company of solitary witches that meet once a month, then this is the group for you. ************************************************ Living Goddess
Check out this industrial strength web site on witches. ************************************************ Cauldron Living
Another great witch web site. ************************************************
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