AlgizProtection. Shield. Help.
AnsuzWisdom. Occult. Power. Revenge. Healing.
BerkanaWomen's mysteries. Birth. Process. Emotional Stability.
DagazRendered invisible. Catalyst. Between the Worlds.
EhwazShapeshifter. Telepathic. Links. Adjustment.
EihwazOutgoing. Dynamic. Go Hunting. Evolution.
FehuGood Fortune. Wealth. Luck. Creative Energy.
GeboAgreements. Settlements and Union. Boundaries.
HagalazDrastic Change. Disruptive Forces.
InguzAstral. Vessel. Grounded. Progession. Fertility.
IsaStandstill. Defense to delay. Crysallis.
JeraGentle gestation and change. Cycle. Time.
KenazKnowledge. Learning. Quest. Hereditary Knowledge.
LaguzOccult. Sex. Influence. Movement.
MannazCommunication. Cooperation. Legal Affairs.
NauthizNeed. Future. Victory. Opportunity. Defense.
OthilaCentering. Grounding. Invoking. Values. Family. Kundalini.
PerthroSecret. Discovery of Hidden. History.
RaidoDefense. Take Control. Journey. Decisions.
SowuloHealing. Strength. Centering. Luck.
TeiwazJustice. Legal Matters. Dedication. Bravery.
ThurisazTrue Will. Matter of Form. Chaos. Conflict.
UruzStrength. Higher Self. Determination. Health.
WunjoBlessings. Controlling will. Success. Fertility.
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