Thought this was only true in the Harry Potter books. Become a real Wicca, Witch, Wizard student. Witch School This is my school and I am very proud to be a lifetime member. I am currently working on my first degree course work. The teachings, homework and tests are done all online. You are assigned a mentor but I doubt you will need their help. The web site is wonderfully designed as well as the course work and tests. Don Lewis is the head of the school and he is available in the chat room Mondays so students can ask questions or just chat with him. Nice man and very knowledgeable. The school Wicca Tradition is Correllian. Sacred Mists Wicca College I enrolled in this school for about 2 weeks and it just wasn't for me. The head of the school believes excessive control over all things is a good idea but I as a student, found it to be suffocating and it was starting to undermine my self confidence which to me is the beginning of mind control and I ain't into that. So, the last straw for me was when the college store did not pack all of my order and then refused to send me the missing items without me paying more postage. When I called the store to ask about the missing items that is when I found out my order had been packed by the head of the school and it was she who refused to send me my missing items. Since no encounter with the head of the school was good for me, I with my middle finger in her direction, un-enrolled from the school. She never sent me my missing items nor did she refund my money. However, I will point out, other Sacred Mists students loved the place so all I am saying, the school was NOT nor will it ever be something I would want in my life. Please, if you enroll and things don't work out, hey, email me, let's chat! Disclaimer: This web site is dedicated to Wicca, Witchcraft, & Spiritual Matters and may not be suitable for all individuals. For more information about this web site contact: