The "Visible" Solar System
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You might have to turn off your Java security to see this animation

How to use this animation instructions on bottom of this page

Sorry, you need Java to view this simulation


1) Use checkboxes (Seconds, Minutes, etc) to choose time interval. "Days" works best for animation. Use the arrowed buttons at right to control simulation speed. There are 7 speeds, 3 forward (right), 3 reverse (left) and one neutral (center), although depending on your computer speed, there may be no difference between the two faster speeds. The bar is initially set at the slowest forward speed. Use "Reset Time" to return to present.

2) There is still a problem with the local time - it does not take into account the shift to/from Daylight Savings Time, and so may be off by an hour. Universal Time will always be correct.

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