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Q: Did you abandon this web site ? A: Well, kind of. I need time to do other stuff then work on this web site. You don't need a username nor a password now. I may or may not update the top 40 area. Please view my links page to find more country tab web sites. I check my email once in the morning now. Q: I see now that you are tabbing some of the top40 tabs. Just curious, why aren't you tabbing all the top40 like you used to ? A: For about 7 years, I had a web site policy of: if a new tune got on a the Crook and Chase Country Countdown list, within 1 week it would be tabbed and available for downloading." I did this faithfully (well most of the time) but some songs would take me two weeks to get them listed. Anyone who has visited my web site knows that I have had a terrible time with tab thieves. These are people who steal other people's tabs and remove the original tabber's name and claim the work as their own. Sometimes they would even change stuff on the original tab but most did not. I tried charging, membership, password and username, nothing seemed to stop the thief. I would ban a person by their ip address and then their friends or family would become members and just give the tabs to the thief. Or the known thieves would simply sign up on another computer which gave them a new ip address and my banlist would fail. They would go to the public libraries and various coffee internet cafes or their work computers. I think you now can see how fruitless my efforts were against these tab thieves so what stops them 100% is not posting tabs. But I am posting from time to time tabs so it's always good to check out the site now and then. Q: The above is all great and everything but tell me when I find tabs not tabbed up against the recording and there are chords missing, how do I get those chords? A: If your ear is good enough to know that chords are missing, then guess at a chord until you find one that matches the recording. What I do is I can slow down the music or lick that I want in my mind. Then I search on the guitar for that sound or chord. If you can't slow down the music in your head yet, then play just the section of the recording that you want a chord for, and try and sing one matching note. When you get that one matching note, now pick an open string and pressing frets go up the neck until you find the note that matches what you are singing. Jump to a higher string or lower string if that note on the string you selected didn't have a match. Once you find that note, you need to determine what that note is. Let's say it is a C# Find a C# chord and now play up against the recording again. Did it match ? If not quite, now try a C#7 then a C#m and so on. This is very basic info but it should help get you started. If nothing in C# works, go back to the recording again and try finding another note in that section you are trying to find a chord for. The more you do this, the easier it gets and the faster chord detection becomes. Q: What do you mean by Direct Linking? What is that? What is band thief and why is it bad to take? A: It's when folks with a web site add a link to their web page(s) that loads Tabby Cat Music Archives' html pages and\or images from Tabby Cat Music Archives provider's hard drive. In other words their html pages are calling the files from my provider's hard drive instead of downloading then uploading the files to their provider's hard and calling them from there. This can really slow down and even stop my web site from operating. Q: Why do they do this? A: Some do it because they don't have a lot of space for their web sites so they can save web space. Other do it without knowing what a problem it causes. Trying to not take something that's not theirs, bless their hearts. But direct linking is just too hard on my web site. It's better to take what you want by downloading the item, then uploading it to your provider's hard drive. I have nothing protected even though my art work is original. Here's the problem with direct linking: if your web site is calling one file from my provider's hard drive, but 100 people are visiting your web site, this direct linking now has called that same file from my provider 100 times. The space\time it takes to send the data bits, this is the band width. See how it interferes with anyone trying to visit my web site because my alloted band width is being used to feed another web site so there's very little left for my users to use. This will slow down any web site and has at times stopped it. What they should do is download the item(s) to their hard drives then upload it to their provider's hard drive and have the web page call it from their provider and not mine. So now, you see that I am sporting new instructions on my web pages. DO NOT LINK DIRECTLY TO ANYTHING IN MY ARCHIVE. I will renamed directories and subdirectories in order to stop already established bandwidth thieving activities. Wow you made it all the way down to the bottom. You did very well. There is no more to read so scoot back up to the top or visit another TCMA web page and thanks for reading this.

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