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Tabby Cat Music Archives' Free Transpositional Wheel

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Anyone can easily change the chords to any song with this free low tech device.

When you need to change the chords of a song so you can get it in your singing key this little device can make that chore easy for you. Takes approx 10 minutes to construct. This device will save you a lot of time in changing chords. It's fast and accurate. How to use it is How to construct your Transposition Wheel The first image you see is my animation of how the wheel is suppose to work. If you want that, just right mouse click and save as. But the graphics you need for the construction of the wheel are further down this page. Right mouse click on the Big Wheel image and view the image. Once it's on your screen by itself, send it to the printer. If you can't print it like that then download it to your hard drive for printing later. Make a note of where you put it and bring it into a graphic program and print from there. Do the same with Little Wheel image. It's colorful here but if you only have a non-color printer the images will print clearly in black and white. But it really looks good when printed on a color printer. Some copy shops have color printers you can use. Once you have them printed - cut them out. If you print them out on plain printer paper you may want to place them on a a stiff cardboard like a manilla file folder. Encase them in a clear tape and they will last a long time. For the one I built I used a wide shipping tape but regular scotch tape will do. Punch a small hole in each and hold them together with a brad paper holder. I used the brad to create my little holes. A brad is a metal button with two pongs attached to the bottom. Office supply stores know what they are if you don't. Here's an image of them. You push the pongs of the brad first through the hole of the small wheel, then through the hole of the larger wheel. Pull the brad legs apart until they lie flat against the back of larger wheel. This holds them together but allows the little wheel to turn. Here is my animation I told you about earlier. The graphics you need are further down this page. But if you would like this animation as well, just right mouse click and save as.
Well now that your transpositional wheel is complete, let's try it out. Take a tune you know and transpose it to another key. Then play it with the new chords. Hey what about minors and seventh and other chord notation? No problem. Change the chord but keep all notation of the original chord. I.E. Am to Cm OR B7 to A7 OR B7sus9+5 to A7sus9+5 If this is just all too much for you, then visit the Online Interactive Transposition Wheel. You will need shockwave installed. Online Interactive Transposition Wheel HERE'S THE AREA FOR THE GRAPHICS YOU NEED TO CONSTRUCT THE WHEEL WITH.
Special thanks to Kenneth Smith ( Kenneth noticed how Blurry this wheel looked when printed. So he worked on it until it printed a lot less blurry and sent me a copy of it. I have replaced my wheel with his work. If you don't see two wheels, one larger than the other, please email me cause something is wrong. Just right mouse click the images, than save as. Do know where you are downloading to on your computer so you can find them easily. These are gif files. You may need a software program to be able to print these with but I think you can just load them into your browser and print them from there. I use Jasc Paint Shop Pro that I bought 20 or so years ago. I think you can still get free paint programs. Try this website Best Free Paint Programs ****************************************************************************** free counter