"Soul Man"
                      (Isaac Hayes - David Porter)

In article <1993Mar8.091051.8653@netcom.com> fiedler@netcom.com (Dragon (David Fiedler)) writes:
>Yes, that fabulous song done by Sam & Dave and the Blues Brothers. The
>lead riff is easy, but the rhythm chops are a little tricky...thought it
>was in the movie but I couldn't find it. Anyone who has a clue, even a
>guess would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Sam & Dave did it in G; Jake & Elwood in E.  I'm posting S&D's version:


	G	F	Bb	C	D

which the guitar plays in sliding sixths:

								   1 1
	G	xxx7x7		F	xxx5x5		Bb	xxx0x0

		   1 1			   1 1
	C	xxx2x2		D	xxx4x4

Then the basic riff is G-Am-G, played as follows:

	G	xxx787		Am	xxx555		G	xxx433

	                G-Am-G                  G-Am-G
	Comin' to you		on a dusty road

	Good good lovin, I got a truckload
	And when you get it you got somethin'
	So don't worry 'cause I'm comin'

The chorus is

	       G	F	       G
	I'm a soul man		I'm a soul man		(2x)

	C		D
	And that ain't all

Verse 2:

	Got what I got the hard way
	And I'll make it better each and every day
	I was educated from good stock
	When I start lovin', oh, I can't stop


Verse 3:

	I was brought up on a side street
	I learned how to love before I could eat
	So don't worry and don't you fret
	'Cause you ain't seen nothin' yet


The bridge is

	Eb                   Bb
	Grab a rope and I'll pull you in

	C                C/D                      Db/Eb
	Give you hope and be your only boyfriend, yeah, yeah, yeah

Back to the intro, only we're now in the key of Ab:

	Ab	Gb	Cb	Db	Eb

	I'm talkin' about a soul man		(repeat to fade)

Jake Rogers