"Knight in Rusty Armour"
                        (M. Leander - C. Mills)


	(strings [2X; guitar enters 2nd time]):

	Am       C       E7
	/ / / /  / / / /  / / / /  / / / /

Verse 1:

	 Am          E7
	Long ago in days of old
	        Am                F               C
	There lived a knight who wasn't quite as bold
	                   E7     /E /F /F# /G#
	As a knight should be

	    Am               E
	He rode an old grey mare called Bess
	 Am              F             C
	Searchin' for a damsel in distress
	Just to see if he
	Could set her free

Chorus 1:

	Dm7       G7             C
	See the knight in rusty armour ride
	To her aid
	 Dm7    G7              C       F
	Trusty sword is hanging at his side
	        B7    E7
	With a rusty blade

Verse 2:

	Up the tower steps he sneaked
	But as he moved his rusty armour squeaked
	Such a mournful note

	And all the sentries at their post
	Thought it must have been the castle ghost
	They jumped for their lives
	In the moat

Chorus 2:

	So the knight in rusty armour won
	His fair maid
	Had no need to draw his trusty sword
	With a rusty blade

Verse 3 [partial]:

	Am             E7
	As he bent to kiss his bride
	    Am                F           C
	He found that he was rusted up inside
	In his battle dress
	And I can guess


	Dm7       G7                C
	How they still got married and had twins
	They came in tins
	Dm7    G7             C    F
	Every suit of armour ever made
	 C     F
	Has a kink
	  C          F           G7      C
	Chain mail pants with a missing link

	(bass drum/high hat fill; end cold on C)

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers