Edit: I too grew up in northen New York.  We call it "Upstate" New York. 
The reason this song's lyrics were so hard to figure out is when it was
recorded, they had the microphone close to the ceiling, picking up the
music from below.  Sounds bounces and made for a neat effect, but muddy
up what was being sang. This song was really cool then but with the dirty words
it got even cooler.  Then it's popularity exploded when people came up
with all kinds of new dirty versions of it.

                         "Louie Louie (lyrics)"
                            (Richard Berry)

[The "dirty" words are the ones I heard growing up in northern New York
State, except that I deleted the F-word, "fuck", due to the Communications
Decency Act of 1995.  They're similar to Dave Marsh's Michigan version - not
surprising, since I heard mine from someone whose older brother was a college
student in the Midwest at the time; for additional versions, try


... or go to


... and order the complete FBI report.]

           CLEAN                                  DIRTY

Ah Louie, Louie, whoa no               Ah Louie, Louie, whoa no
Me gotta go                            Grab her way down low
Ah Louie, Louie, whoa, baby            Ah Louie, Louie, whoa baby
Me gotta go                            Grab her way down low

A fine little girl, she waits for me   A fine little bitch, she waits for me
Me catch a ship across the sea         She gets her kicks on top of me
I sail that ship all alone             Each night I take her out all alone
Me never think I'll ever make it home  She ain't the kind I lay at home

Three nights and days I sail the sea   Each night at ten, I lay her again
Me think of girl constantly            I **** my girl all kinds of ways
On the ship I dream she there          And on that chair, I lay her there
I smell the rose in her hair           I felt my boner in her hair

Me see Jamaica moon above              If she's got a rag on, I'll move above
It won't be long me see me love        It won't be long, she'll slip it off
Me take her in my arms again           I'll take her in my arms again
I tell her I'll never leave again      Tell her I'd rather lay her again