(R. Bachman)

Intro [3X]:	Cmaj7-5  B *
	        8x0977  799877

	                   * harmonic on 12th fret of B string

Verse 1:

	             Em7  A  G
	She's come undun
	                             F#m7       B7
	She didn't know what she was headed for
	                              F#m7       Am7
	And when I found what she was headed for
	            G       [1: C9 B9]   
	It was too late

Verse 2:

	She's come undun
	She found a mountain that was far too high
	And when she found out she couldn't fly
	It was too late


	Cmaj7-5   B  *
	It's too late
	     Cmaj7-5    B  *
	She's gone too far
	     Cmaj7-5    B   [N.C.]
	She's lost the sun

Verse 3:

	She's come undun
	She wanted truth but all she got was lies
	Came the time to realize
	And it was too late

[repeat verse 1]

[repeat chorus]


	           Em9/B   Em9/C   Em9/C#  Em9/C
	           024000  034000  044000  034000
	She's come undun
	Em9/B    Em9/C    Em9/C#               Em9/C
	Too many mountains      and not enough stairs to climb
	Too many churches and not enough truth
	Too many people and not enough eyes to see
	Too many lives to lead and not enough time

[repeat chorus]

[scat and flute solo over verses 1 and 2]

[repeat chorus]

[repeat verses 1, 2]

[repeat chorus]


	                   Em7  A  G  F#m7  Fmaj7  Em
	She's... come... undun

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers