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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Subject: One Of Those Nights Tonight  by Lorrie Morgan
Album:  Shakin' Things Up
Written by: Susan Longacre/Rick Giles (ASCAP/BMI)
Note: I taped it off the radio.  Thanks to Lluis Sala for the album name.  Thanks to Thea Agnew for the writer's information.  
Thea is a rising country music star, and it won't be long before we are buying Thea's country music CD.  
Remember you heard that here first.  ;-]  


Dm                            Am
I've had one of those days to-day
Am                                G
I'm in one of those moods that's just no good
C                        F
Nothing I want to talk about
Am                Dm              Am
I'd just need for you to take me out
G                 F
And do the town  Turn it upside down

C                    Em
I need one of those nights tonight
Dm                        F
Wanna go left where the world goes right
C                           Dm           G
Lost my appetitie for this side of mid-night
C                     Em
Wanna burn out those neon lights
Dm                   F
Pass the point of faring heights
>    C             Dm
I wanna feel my heart ignite
F                   G
While you hold me tight
        F            Dm       G
I need one of those nights tonight
Dm                                   Am
'Cause I've had one of those days to-day

Am                               G
I've got one of those jobs and I've had enough
C                             F
You better walk me out this door
    G             Dm     Am
Be-fore I run to Sing-a-pore
      G               F
Just show me how you love me now


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