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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  September 9, 1997
Subject:  Chains  by Patty Loveless
Written by:
Note: record is in D

     CHAINS      Patty Loveless

Intro   chords   Bb Eb Ab Bb 
           NOTES  slide Db to D  F D C  Bb  C  Bb  Eb Bb  C C  C Bb  Ab Bb 
        Bb                                 Eb
1.)	Bought a ticket to Seattle but I    can't get to the plane
2.)	You never try to hold me till you see me walking out
        Bb                                        F
1.)	Everytime I leave you I keep              running out of chain
2.)	I guess you'd rather be with me than ever be without
          Bb                                             Eb
1.)	My hunger for your loving                   never gives me any slack
2.)	You call me back and kiss me and my heart begins to sing
1.)	But if I ever break away I'm never coming back     go to chorus
2.)	But I    know that all you're doing is taking up another link go to chorus

          Bb            Eb
To these chains chains shackle and chains
No matter what it takes some day I'm gonna break
       Bb            Eb
These chains chains shackle and chains
Bb                            Ab            Eb            Bb 
Love taking, heart breaking, cold hearted, lonely making chains.
1.)  go to 2nd verse
2.)  go to short lead, then bridge
Eb                           Bb
Love was never meant to be a one way street
F                        Bb
I was never meant to be falling at your feet
  Eb                                  Bb
You've got me where you want me and I don't know what to do
You don't belong to me but I belong to you and these
chorus, chorus,