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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  January 23, 1998
Written by:

       WHO'S THAT MAN    Toby Keith

A                      D       A                          D
Turn left at the old hotel I know this boulevard much to well
             G                                D
It hasn't change since I've been gone Aaaaa This use to be my way home
A                                         D
They paved the road through the neighbor-hood
    A                                D
I guess the county finally fixed it good
         G                                 D
It was getting rough Someone finally com-plained enough
Fight the tears back with a smile
Stop and look for a little while
          G                                    A
Oh it's plain to see The only thing missing is me

            D                  G
That's my house and that's my car
          F#m        G
That's my dog in my backyard
             D             G              A
There's the window to the room where she lays her pretty head
                D                G
I planted that tree out by the fence
          F#m          G
Not long after we move in
           F#m                 D
There's my kids and that's my wife
            A              D
Who's that man running my life

A                                 D
If I pulled in, would it cause a scene?
A                            D
They're not really expecting me
                 G                                  D
Those kids have been through hell I hear they've adjusted well
A                             D    A                D
Turn around in a neighbor's drive I'd be hard to recognize
         G                              D
In this pick up truck It's just an old fix-er up
Drive away one more time A lot of things running through my mind
              G                                      A
I guess the less things change the more they never seem the same

chorus, lead, chorus