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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: August 9, 1997
Subject: Shame on the moon  by Rodney Crowell
Album: Collections
Written by:  Rodney Crowell
Note:  most of the chords are suppose to be in front of the lyrics.
Thanks to Ryan  for pointing out some errors
and making this song better.      

     SHAME ON THE MOON      Rodney Crowell
Intro  G   Em 

G                                 Em
   Till you've been beside a man      you don't know what he wants
G                                      Em
   You don't know if he crys at night      You don't know if he don't
C                       G    C                      G   
   When nothing comes easy      All nightmares are real
Em                   G          Em                          G
Until you've been beside a man        You don't know how he feels
G                               Em
   Once inside a woman's heart      A man must keep his head
G                           Em
   Heaven opens up the door     Where angels fear to tread
C               G     C               G
  Some men go crazy       Some men go slow
Em                          G    Em                   G
Some men go just where they want       Some men never go

  A#                   G            A#                   G
Ohhhhh   Blame it on midnight      ooooo   Shame on the moon

G                                 Em           
     Everywhere it 's all around      comfort in a crowd 
G                                 Em 
    Stranger's faces all abound       Laughing right out loud
C                           G     C                  G
   Hey watch where you're going  Step light on your toes
Em                  G            Em                          G
Until you've been beside a man       You don't know who he knows.

Chorus, chorus,  Instrumental ending