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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: March 3, 1999
Written by: Radney Foster
C-bass down
                          ANYONE ELSE     Collin Raye

F              Bb               Gm              C
Baby I bought wine and roses on my way home
F               Bb                 Gm                      C
Yeah I know we can't afford it but life doesn't last too long
Bb                                   F
This world has gone half crazy and knocked us both to our knees
I'm fumbling for the words to try to tell ya
   Gm                        C    C-bass down
I love you for hanging on to me
              F                         Bb
When anyone else would have been long gone
           C                  Gm
Packed it up and headed back home
                   Bb                        Gm                      C 
1.)And not a      soul would blame you after what I put you        through
2.) You can hide behind that Cheshire cat    grin but you know it's true      
C-bass down               F                       Bb
             Yeah anyone else would have gone in-sane
            C                  Em
Called the game on account of rain
       Bb            C              F   1.) Bb Gm C  2.) F 
Anyone else anyone else anyone but you

F                   Bb                         Gm               C
Maybe baby all the rivets popped loose It's a total tail spin
F                          Bb 
Too much grind stone too little time with you
Gm                            C
Girl you  know It's wearing thin 
Bb                                    F  
Baby let's trade in these tear drops for warm kisses on the skin
You've got a drawer full of I.O.U.s
     Gm                                C
It's high time you called those things in  go chorus, bridge, c-bass down
 C                             Bb                      F          
You've pass up so many changes to walk right out that door
Instead I'm dodging a champagne cork 
      Bb                      C           Bb    C   C-bass down
and watching the wet clothes fall to the floor-oor