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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: January 30, 1999
Album:  Strait Out Of The Box  Disk Three
Written by:  Curtis Wayne

BIGGER MAN THAN ME    George Strait

D                                     A
I never thought too much about her leaving
(A)                                      D       
I'd find someone like that There was no doubt
D                                   A7
This time I'm feeling strange and different
(A7)                                        D
Since she's gone there's one thing I found out

             D                       A
It takes a mighty man to live with lonesome
(A)                            D
Some big man might live with misery
(D)                                        A
But there's on thing I know for sure and certain
(A)                                       A7            D 
It's for sure it's gonna take-ake a lot bigger man than me

Chorus, lead, 2nd verse
D                                 A
I've never suffered much in the hurt line
(A)                              D
I've always been as good as any man
(D)                                    A
But show me who can lose in love and like it
(A)                                          D
And I'll be the first to proudly shake his hand

Chorus, ending

(D)        A                                        D          
It's for sure it's gonna take a lot bigger man than me