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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  May 26, 1998
Album:  Beautiful Lies
Written by:  J. Leventhal\J. Lauderdale
Note:  1996 release

BEAUTIFUL LIES    Sweethearts of the Rodeo
The sweetest dreams I've ever heard How I hung on every word
          D                            Gm
When you told me we would always be together 
On the earth down below There were things I didn't know 
        D                      Gm
When I made all my plans for forever

            Eb                   Bb 
1.)2.)3.)Beautiful beautiful beautiful lies
           F                     Gm 
1.)3.)So sweet to hear and the  truth's in your eyes
2.)    I heard what I wanted to hear at the time
         Eb                Bb         Eb    D    
1.)2.)3.)It was so easy to be hypno-tised
   (D)                   D7      Gm
1.)They were lush and beautiful lies  go to 2nd verse.
              D                       Gm
2.)While you told me those beautiful lies
3.)While you told me those beautiful lies
                D                   Gm           
3.)They were nothing but beautiful lies

2.)When the words came with ease You could paint a masterpiece
D                       Gm    
Lines couldn't be any clearer 
Just like castles made of sand Built with the slight of hand
        D                       Gm
It was only a trick done with mirrors
go to chorus using 2.) lead, 3rd verse

3.)There's not much left to say About the scenes that I replay
D                               Gm
That I watch on my walls of my room 
Now it's lonely and late  There's a fool who still waits
         D                     Gm 
And the rose might never will bloom
go to chorus using 3.)