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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: February 24, 1999
Written by:

     GONE CRAZY   Alan Jackson

F                         Bb     C                 F     Bb C 
Here I am alone again to-night  in this old empty house
F                        C                   Bb
It's hard to learn what you don't think you need
(Bb)                 F
You can't live with-out
Bb                                    C
Never believe the sound of the tele-phone
Bb                             C
Ever since you left I've been gone

      F  Gm       Bb         C
Gone Cra-zy going out of my mind
       F               Gm         Bb               C
I've asked myself the reasons at least a thousand times
      Bb                     C
Going up and down this hall-way
Bb                           C
Trying to leave the pain be-hind
Gm                       C                F   
Ever since you left  (3. me)  I've been gone

F                                Bb         C               F    Bb C     
I never say your face this many times when you were really here
F                   C                         Bb     F    Bb C 
Things you said I never understood now are crystal clear
Bb                             C       Bb                            C
Never spent this much time a-lone and ever since you left I've been gone

Chorus, chorus

           F   Bb C                 F  Bb C
I've been gone,     I-I-I've been gone