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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  August 8, 1998
Written by:

HONKY TONK AMERICA     Sammy Kershaw
G                                          C                       D
Well the day ends when the sun comes up  Starts when the sun goes down
Out on the back road and on the back streets  
          C                D     C                      D
Of every farm and factory town  There in the world of weekly wage
          G                  C
There's always a place out there
      G            D             C           D
And names and the faces are the same every-where
G                              C      G
Well the room is full It's a Friday night
           C       D              C
1.)We all want to hear Louie  Lou-ie
2.)We all want to hear Proud   Ma-ry
3.)We all want to hear Woolly Bul-ly
G                                      C         G
Well, it's been a long hard day and a long hard life
        G              D                  C
1.)And this is how we make it through it
2.)We've all got our crosses to carry
3.)Monday morning we'll all do our duty.
       Em                    D
It's a blue collar place, a red blooded crowd,
G                       C          D         C      G
Tonight everything's alright  in Honky Tonk America  

2.)There's a flashing sign on a rain soak street 
C                          D
That lights up just about dark
A welcome beakon on life's highway when you're
  C                         D
Weary and when you've lost heart
G                D              G                       C
Never say it's lonliness  It's only the drinks and the band
       G                 D          C          D
But something brings us back here again and again

Em                  D                     G               C
We'll talk about freedom all right  But maybe some other time
  Am                         D
Tonight everybody's feeling fine
    D          C      G         D         C      G  
In Honky Tonk America     In Honky Tonk America
   D        C      G   D           C     G  D           C     G
Honky Tonk America    Honky Tonk America   Honk Tonk America