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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  May 17, 1998
Album:  Leave A Mark
Written by: Jim Collins\Craig Wiseman
Note: Thanks to jllewell@ncats.net for the album and
writer's information.

    LOVE WORKING ON YOU   John Michael Montgomery

Intro chords   B  C#7  E   B

B                 C#7      E                   B
You woke up this morning Changes were taking place
B                  C#7        E                       B
You looked in the mirror  A smile was all over your face
E                     B
Cause out of nowhere someone was there
      E                    B
Who dared to climb those walls you made
E             B
It's exciting A little frightening
C#                  F#
Girl don't you be afraid

             B C#7          E               B
That's just Lo-ve working  Love working on you
             B C#7         E                B
That's just lo-ve working Working all over you through

B             C#7              E                   B
Can't even remember all the sorrow that you left behind
B                               C#7
It's a brand new day There's a bright new way
          E                     B
And your tears are turned into wine
E             B                     E               B
Never forget when you eyes met or just how clearly you could see
E                  B
Where the turns are Deep in your heart
C#            F#
Led you to believe   go to chorus, the brudge
F#        G#m              E
All the while you felt forsaken
F#            G#m               A      C#     B
And all the while love's been waiting waiting
E             B
Suddenly you see how it could be
E                B
If we all only felt this way
E                 B
For a while girl you can see this world
E                            F#
Looking through the eyes of fate
chorus, chorus