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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  July 12, 1998  
Album: You and You Alone
Written by:

   THE HOLE    Randy Travis

    F                                                                C
A friend of mine bought himself a shovel Said I'm gonna tunnel me a mine
(C)                             Bb                              F
He set out to be a rich man Happiness is what he thought he'd find
(F)                                                         Bb
Got in to deep to see the diamonds Down to dark to see the gold
(Bb)                          F           C                    F  
Now he won't let go of the shovel and he can't dig out of the hole

Bb            F    Bb          F
Deeper and deeper he's going down
Bb             F     C 
Driving his future right into the ground
Bb               F          Bb         F
He thinks he's closer the further he goes
     Bb                  F           C                    F
But he's still on the bottom and he can't dig out of the hole
              Bb            F             C                    F
Ending: It's hell on the bottom and you can't dig out of the hole.

F                                                                C
I tried to throw the man a life line I tried to send him down a rope
(C)                                Bb                      F
I don't think he hears me calling But everyday I pray and hope
(F)                                                             Bb
Somehow he finally gets a message With every shade of dirt he throws
(Bb)                          F           C                    F
Only gets him closer to the devil And he can't dig out of the hole

go to chorus, lead,
F                                                              C
Maybe we could learn a little lesson Maybe to shine a little light
C                                        Bb                     F
There's no healthy way to mess with The line between wrong and right
Use the one chance you've been given 
(F)                                  Bb                              
Cause once you're in the ground and cold
(Bb)                      F                C                     F
It's too late to start living You see you can't dig out of the hole

go to chorus, with ending.