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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  July 20, 1998
Album:  Just That Way
Written by:

      USE TO THE PAIN    Mark Nestler

Intro chords Bb Ab Eb
Bb                Ab
Six am alarm goes off I reach for you no longer lying
           Eb            Bb    
But don't feel quite so lost
      Bb              Ab 
Every-day I drive my truck
(Ab)                                    Eb            Bb
A little further into work before your memory catches up
(Bb)               Ab
Radio on I'm not afraid 
(Ab)                              Eb             Bb
I can listen to most any song the D.J. wants to play
          Bb               Ab 
Slow but sure I'm coming around
(Ab)                Eb             B   C   D  E  
No I'm not looking back I'm moving on now but I

Bb          Ab         Bb    
Won't go so far as to say that I'm fine
Ab                  Eb             F
Too much of what I felt for you remains
   Bb        Ab            Bb 
I like to believe in the healing hands of time
          Ab         Eb          F 
But the truth is I really can't say
         Eb                               Bb    1.)Ab 2.)Bb
If I'm getting better or just use to the pain

Bb                     Ab
End of day, head back home  
(Ab)                                          Eb          Bb
Have a bite to eat and then sit down in the living room alone
(Bb)               Ab
Easy chair, watch t.v.
(Ab)                   Eb                B    C   E  F    
Half way through the news I'm soundly sleep-ing but I

go to chorus, lead, 
B C E F      
         No I, chorus, ending

         Eb                               Bb
If I'm getting better or just use to the pain