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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  July 17, 1998
Album:  Come On Over
Written by:  Twain\Lange

      WHEN    Shania Twain

Intro chords vamp on E A B

One two now yea
E                                 A                B 
If elephants could fly I'd be a little more opti-mistic
E                                A      B 
But I don't see that happening anytime soon
E                      A         B 
I don't mean to sound so pessi-mistic
E                                    A              B
But I don't think that cow really jumped over the moon

C#m           B   E   C#m          B   E     C#m          B
When will I wake up?  Why did we break up?  When will we make up?

E                    C#m                  G#m              B 
When money grows on trees  People ive in peace Everyone agrees
E                 C#m                  G#m  
When happiness is free Love can guaran-tee
                    B           E   
You'll come back to me  That's When

Vamp on E A B
Yea That's right
E                            A                    B
I'd love to wake up smiling Full of the joys of spring
E                      A           B 
And hear on CNN that Elvis lives again
E                                          A                B   
And that John's back with the Beatles And they're going on Tour
E                                             A                 B
I'll be the first in line for tickets  Gotta see that show for sure

Bridge, Chorus, Yea  Oh Wo  Oh  Alright
Bridge, Chorus Oh that's when