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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  March 30, 2000
Written by:
Note:  The radio station sped up this tune but I am pretty sure this is
The recording key.
X = 004545

           COULDN'T LAST A MOMENT   Collin Raye

X  C#m                   A                           E
   I thought it was over   I thought I could move on   But I was wrong
X  C#m                   A                        E
   Woke up last night calling your name and feel-eel the blame  Baby
F#m                          C#m
Thought I could quit you but I still miss your love

A                  (what was I thinking)                     E
What was I thinking,  thinking I could still walk down the street
Without you by my side
                      E       B   
or make it through a night a-lone I lied
                  E                     A
I said a lot of things I didn't really mean 
                   C#m                      B
How can I make you see what matters most to me
                   F#m                   Am             E
Girl, I should've known couldn't last a moment without you

X  C#m                   A                        E
  You've got every right   to turn and walk away
                       X C#m                               A   
I can't make you stay    broke your heart and that's the bottom line
I wasted so much precious time baby   go to chorus  

X F#m                          C#m      
  I see you with your friends wearing a smile again
F#m                          C#m
Thought I could quit you but I still miss your love  go to chorus

Go to lead "OOOO Oh" "can't let go"

                     F#m                     Am                             E
Oh girl I should've known I couldn't last a moment (moment moment) without you