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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  October 6, 1999
Album:  Come On Over
Written by:  Twain/Lange

            COME ON OVER   Shania Twain
Vamp on E A
"ooo" "ooo" "ahhh"  "yeah"  "shake it"
E                             A
Get a life Get a grip  Get a-way somewhere take a trip
         E                        A                         
Take a break  Take control Take advice from someone you know wo-oh

Come on over Come on in
1.)   Pull up  a   seat Take a load off your feet
2.)3.)Pull up your seat Take a load off your feet
Come on over Come on in
You can unwind Take a load off your mind

Key change
         F               Bb
Make a wish Make a Move Make up your mind You can choose
             F                                  Bb
When you're up "woo" when you're down When you need a laugh come around ho oh

F            Bb
Oh oh wo oh  Oh oh wo oh  (twice)

Key change
       F#                        B
Be a winner Be A star  Yeah Be happy to be who you are
      F#                               B
Gotta be yourself Gotta make a plan  Gotta go for it While you can
               Vamp on F#  B
Chorus, lead,  "Uh aw yeah" "uh huh" "come on in"  repeat first verse, ending
Vamp on F# B
Yeah (come on over)  you come on over (come on in) come on in
Come on come on in love (oh oh wo oh)
You know I say yeah (oh oh wo oh)
Oh oh wo oh yeah-eah yeah (oh oh wo oh)
You know oh wo (oh oh wo oh)
Come on over
Come on in