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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  December 16, 1999
Written by: Al Anderson\Joe Klimek\Bob Dipiero

                 SHOULD'VE ASKED HER FASTER       Ty England

In a little Dance Hall just outside of Dallas
D                                        A7
I dropped my drink when she came walking by
         D                              G
By the time I got a grip She slipped through my fingertips
     E7                             A7
and left me with my big mouth open wide
 (nc)                    D                     G7 
I should've asked her faster But I waited too long
                A7                        D
In a red hot minute Like a flash she was gone
D                                        G7
I didn't get her number I never got her name
             A7                             D  
A natural disaster  I should've asked her faster.

She was talking to some cowboy in the corner
D                                     A7  
My one last chance to ask her on the floor
           D                         G7
And just when I got the nerve I got just what I deserved
       E7                                    A7
As I watched him waltzing her right out the door

 G7                                   D
Well there she goes, I just missed  Don't take no rocket scientist
G7                                       A
To figure out, when I go home  I'll be going there all alone.