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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  July 16, 1999  Revised August 21, 1999
Album: A Place In The Sun
Written by:
Note: Thanks to Richard187@webtv.net (Richard Jones)
for lyric corrections.

     SOMETHING LIKE THAT       Tim McGraw
It was labor day weekend I was seventeen
I bought a coke and some gasoline
F                              Bb
And I drove out to the county fair
When I first saw her for the first time
She was standing there in the ticket line
F                              Bb
It all started right then and there
       Bb                  C
Oh a sailor's sky made a perfect sun set
Bb                      C   
And that's a day I'll never forget

         F                    C
I had a Bar B Q stain on my white T shirt
1.)She 2.)You 3.)She   was killing me in the mini skirt
F                       C                    Bb
Skipping rocks on the river by the railroad tracks
                         F                      C
1.)She 2.)You 3.)She    had a sun tan line and red lipstick
I worked so hard for that first kiss
                       F                          C           F
And a heart don't for-get [3.) go to ending]  something like that

Well it's five years later on a south bound plane
I  was headed down to New Orleans
F                                           Bb
To meet some friends of mine for the Marti Gras
When I heard a voice from the past
Coming from A few rows back
             F                                    Bb
And when I looked I couldn't believe just what I saw
She said, I bet you don't remember me
             Bb                C
And I said, only every other memory and 

Go to chorus using 2.)
F                   C             Bb              F 
Like an old photo-graph Time can make a feeling fade
          Bb                       C
But the memory of the first love never fades away

      Bb            F               Bb          F
No a heart don't forget  I said a heart don't forget
    C           F      Bb                        F
Something like that  oooooh  Not something like that