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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: July 24, 2002
Written by:

      SIX-PACK SUMMER     Phil Vassar
C   Am  F    G
"That's right"
C       Am        F       G
Winter sure was cold and miserable
C          Am        F            G
Cooped up shut down baby it was pitiful
C   Am         F            G              C
Any-how, it's over now, We owe it to our-selves
To have a little fun  "yeah"
Am F                   G   Am F                       G          
     The pace car's pacing      Now the green flag's waving
go to chorus using 1.)

C  Am          F          G
Oh oh another six-pack summer's comin
C           Am                   F         G
Sing to me babe, I'll be your dashboard drummer
            C        Am   F            Dm     C 
And let's turn the radio up as loud as it can go
   Am      F   G  
Oh oh-ooh-ooh
          C        Am            F       G           
Got the ultra-ray wrap around sunglass vision
          C        Am         F         G
Got the sails up, eyes down, cooled am-bious
        C  Am               F         G 
Just to re-lax and let the six-pack summer roll
      C  Am  F   G
1.) "yeah, let's do it" to 2nd verse  2.) to ending 3.)end

         C             Am              F              G  
Got the sun block, a blanket, and the best of Jimmy Buffet
C                Am         F                  G
T-Bones for the grill, Hey ain't it great to rough it
       C    Am        F           G  C            Am              
The party's on from dawn to dawn  24 7 till they pull the plug
Am F            G    Am F                      G 
     No more waiting,    Come on and kiss me baby

go to chorus 2.)

G     C    Am      F G   Dm F                 Dm F
Roll-   oh oh-ooh-ooh         slow and steady      I'm so ready
go to chorus using 3.)