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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  April 27, 2000
Written by:
Note: Thanks to Megan (Pbrmds@aol.com) for the lyric corrections.

                       CHANGE      Sons Of The Desert

G                           C                           D
Bill is standing out by a West Texas highway With his thumb in the morning air
           G                      C                      D
He spent eighteen summers in the dust of Odessa desert Never getting nowhere
       Em                      D 
But he got him a misspelled cardboard of Albuquerque
 G                           C
Standing in the break down lane
           C                     D
He ain't looking for a ride so much as he's looking for a

G       C                             D
Change, a little something different for crying out loud
         G     C                          D
Yeah, change even for the worst it's be better somehow
C                   Em              Am                                   D
Sometimes you just cross that line where everything's More or less the same
           C          Em          Am
When it's do or die, step aside, turn the tides
D                       G                        G      D
Something's gotta 1.)change go to 2nd verse  2.)change-ange go to lead

    G                               C                       D
2.)Now Betty's walking out of a tattoo parlor She's got curlers in her hair
 G                                  C                       D
She still can't believe she had a little red rose put right on her dairy-aire 
           Em                         D
And she's still got to pick up that red lace teddie 
        G                   C
And a bottle of pink cham-pagne
           C                           D          
Well her husband don't know it but to-night well he's in for a   go to chorus

    G                           C                        D
3.)Now who of us hasn't been heading home Friday Sitting at some traffic light
G                                  C              
Wondering what would happen if we hung a left 
Instead of taking that faithful old right
Em                             D                 G                    C
It's the human condition part of us wishes That life wouldn't get so tame
        C                      D
And we all know better then thinking that it's ever gonna  chorus\chorus\ending
(Change) Change (change)
    C                         D  
A little something different for ??crying outloud??
        G     C                        D 
Yeah, change even for the worst it's better somehow

(The chords change for this part)

(E)  n.c.               F Bb              C
   Looking for a change         yeah a change 
                                         (oooo ooo)(change)       
                 F   Bb  C
Looking for a change    Yeah