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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  February 7, 2001
Written by:

         CIRCLE DRIVEWAY    Don Williams

Intro chords   B E B E B E B E

B         E             B        E
I wish I Had a Circle Driveway
  B                  E               B
There's Too much for Me to Leave Be-hind
E                         B
If I Only had a Circle Driveway
C#m             E                   B   E B E          
I'd just Ride around and Wave Good-bye

B                  E                    B         E
I really can't Believe She Packed My Suitcase
    B                 E                  B
I can't Believe that both Her Eyes were Dry
E                               B
The only Thing We didn't have Together
      C#m              E             F# 
Is a Right-now Badly-needed Circle Drive

Go to chorus, lead, 2nd verse
            B            E                    B        E                                                        
Well, I'll Slam it in Reverse and Watch for Traffic
      B                 E              B
Cause I don't Want the Kids to see Me Cry
      E                    B
It's Time to Head a New Direction
        C#m            E            F# 
So I'll Do my Best to get it into Drive

Go to chorus