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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: September 1, 2002   
Album:  Room With A View
Written by: Carolyn Dawn Johnson - Mary Danna
Note: Improvised lick means you make one up. This is what they did on the recording and is pointless in tabbing it. If you need help with your lead
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Intro chord info
F=xxx565 then xxx566  or
F=xx7565  Bb=xx8766 


   ONE DAY CLOSER TO YOU    Carolyn Dawn Johnson

Intro chords F Bb F Bb


     Bb                                              F    lick
My married friends keep asking me  When I'll settle down
They tell me time is passing
(Bb)                                        F    lick
And there's not too many good ones still around
   Dm                  Bb
I tell them I am not afraid to be alone
      C#                      C
And there's no need to rush into something wrong

       F           C       F           C
So I'm not gonna worry No I'm in no hurry
             Bb                           C 
It's in the hands of fate There's nothing I can do
        F           C            F         C    
And it might be tomorrow Or the one that follows
         Bb                  C  
Got the rest of my life to look forward to
             Bb         C                 F   Bb F Bb
1.2.)Cause everyday is one day closer to you
3.) go to ending

     Bb                                   F  (improvised lick)
You might be in Montana  Living in the hills
        Bb                                 F  (improvised lick)
Or you might be in Virginia Workin' in a mill
        Dm                          Bb           
(All I know) All I know is that I haven't found you yet
  C#              C     
 Who knows maybe we've already met
(Who knows)

go to chorus
         Bb       Dm                  C
"Whoo Everyday I pray that God will keep you safe
(C) n.c.                          F  
Cause I know your out there some-where

lead, to chorus, to ending

        Bb        C  
Yeah everyday is one day closer to
   Bb        C 
Everyday is one day closer 
   Bb        C                 F
Everyday is one day closer to you
Vamp on F Bb to fade
            Yeah Oh-oh