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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Album:  Feels Like Love
Written by:

      FEELS LIKE LOVE   Vince Gill

Bb                      Eb       F
Look what my heart has gotten in-to
Bb            Eb          F
The sweetest gift I ever knew
Bb                               Eb      F
Well it's even better than my favorite shoes
Bb                      Eb
Look what my heart has found in you

Bb            Eb     Bb        Eb
Feels like sunshine Feels like rain, Lordy
Bb          Eb       F         Bb
Feels like love is calling my name
         Bb       Eb            Bb        Eb
I wanna jump and shout I wanna sing and dance
        Bb         Eb                
Lordy, feels like love wants a second chance

Bb                   Eb     F 
Look what my heart clearly sees
Bb           Eb              F
How much I crave your compan-y
Bb                  Eb     F 
What true companion I will be
Bb                      Eb
Look what my heart has done to me

Chorus, lead
Bb                  Eb       F
Looks like my heart has be-come
Bb          Eb               F  
The safest place for us to run
Bb                                  Eb     F
Well I'll be here for you when the day is done
Eb                   Eb
Looks like my heart has found someone

Chorus, chorus