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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: July 11, 2002
Album: Scarecrow
Written by:

    THICKER THAN BLOOD   Garth Brooks

G         D                    Bm
She was born in Kansas City  Raised in Arkansas
         G                   A 
Fell in love with an ex-mar-ine
       D                            Bm
She already had three babies He had one of his own
           Em                      A
They came together for another and me
G                            A
The family never shared the same last name
G                      A           
But out family was a family the same   Oh they say

D                        A Bm  
Blood is thicker than water
       Em         A          D
Oh but love is thicker than blood

D                          Bm
Wreck out on the highway  Rain falling down
          Em                          A
Lord, he must of fell asleep at the wheel
           D                     Bm
There's a number of people just standin' around
         Em                                 A
Lord, I can't condemn the fear that they feared
           G                         A
For that river of red could be the death of me
G                                         A
God, give me strength and keep reminding me that

Go to chorus
         G                     D
And if blood is thicker than water
      C                     D  
Then what are we fighting for
G                    F#m
We're all sons and daughters
     G                           Em   A
Of something that means so much more

   D                         Bm
I see it on my t.v.   But I can't understand
           Em                         A
Lord, it's one big contradiction to  me
How in God's name we love thy neighbor
With fists in our hands
               Em                       A  
And kill each other when we just don't agree
G                              A
Why can't we see the walls we can't see through
G                               A
And see what God's been telling me and you 

And that is

D                        A Bm
Blood is thicker than water
        Em             A            D
Oh but love, love is thicker than blood

Repeat 1st verse